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Evoland 2

Ob du die Anfänge der Videospiele selbst miterlebt oder einfach nur ein gutes Rollenspiel zocken möchtest – Evoland 2 ist die Antwort. Das französische Indiestudio Shiro Games hat die Evoland-Serie in dieser Woche auch als Legendary Edition für Konsolen herausgebracht. Evoland 2 ist ein unvergleichliches Rollenspielerlebnis, dessen Grafikstil und Gameplay sich verändern, während ihr mit den Charakteren eine.

Evoland 2 Evoland - Legendary Edition mit Evoland 2 für Konsolen verfügbar

Evoland 2: Ein leichter Fall von Spacetime Continuum Disorder ist ein Rollenspiel, das von Shiro Games, einem französischen Videospielentwicklungsunternehmen mit Sitz in Bordeaux, entwickelt wurde. Im Test schickt uns Evoland 2 auf eine grandiose Zeitreise durch einige der besten klassischen und modernen Games. Der Genre-Mix ist nicht. Im Test überrascht Evoland 2 als grundsympathische Zeitreise durch die Videospielgeschichte. Ein wilder Retro-Mix für echte Spielekenner! Wie waren die Spiele aus deiner Kindheit? Beginne dieses epische Abenteuer mit mehr als 20 Stunden voller Videospielgeschichte und zahlreichen witzigen. Evoland 2 ist ein unvergleichliches Rollenspielerlebnis, dessen Grafikstil und Gameplay sich verändern, während ihr mit den Charakteren eine. Ob du die Anfänge der Videospiele selbst miterlebt oder einfach nur ein gutes Rollenspiel zocken möchtest – Evoland 2 ist die Antwort. Das französische Indiestudio Shiro Games hat die Evoland-Serie in dieser Woche auch als Legendary Edition für Konsolen herausgebracht.

Evoland 2

Das französische Indiestudio Shiro Games hat die Evoland-Serie in dieser Woche auch als Legendary Edition für Konsolen herausgebracht. Ob du die Anfänge der Videospiele selbst miterlebt oder einfach nur ein gutes Rollenspiel zocken möchtest – Evoland 2 ist die Antwort. Evoland 2 ist ein unvergleichliches Rollenspielerlebnis, dessen Grafikstil und Gameplay sich verändern, während ihr mit den Charakteren eine.

Evoland: Legendary Edition is a pack which brings you two great and unique RPGs, with their graphic style and gameplay changing as you progress through the game!

It is also a real RPG at heart, with a deep scenario based on time travel: explore different eras and change the history of the world.

But are you sure that the consequences will not make things worse? System Requirements Windows. Minimum: OS: See all.

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You'll come across breakable blocks below you, so get down and get the chest. Be careful if you move while slashing blocks as they can fall on you and kill you instantly.

This chest contains Green Goop. Jump up the green mushroom and continue up. You should reach a save spot and some spiders in front of you by now.

Kill the spiders before jumping over this segment. Get up another level and you'll come across several green mushrooms. Save first and the jump onto the first one.

Do NOT jump at all when on these. Time it well and it should be no problem. Next is another mushroom segment where you have to traverse upwards mushroom to muchroom.

Simple as that. Great, now we can upgrade Fina! Next segment is a bit more trickier as disappearing platforms starts to show up more and more.

Wait for the plaform to disappear and as soon as it reappears move forward. You should soon come across Clara Loft - Tomb raider.

She has nothing useful for us right now. We'll return to her in the end game. For now, learn the pattern of the disappearing platforms.

It can be frustrating. Next you'll come to a segment with lots of falling rocks! Run for your life, then after the rocks have fallen, start stabbing the rocks, but do not destroy every block as you need them to reach a chest.

Continue on and get to the save point. Listen to the spikeshells as the bounce when they go "weee" It's your cue to jump over. After this it will be your last segment in the mountain.

You'll find two bouncing blocks here. If you do, You'll be unable to reach a chest with a red goop Precious Know that sometimes the blocks are bugged and you need to reload to have them bouncing right.

Wait for the platform to spawn and do a leap of faith out over the spikes. Do the rest of this segment as it's fairly straightforward.

By now you should see the bouncing rocks. Jump onto them and over to the chest, This contains Red Goop.

Lovely we are stockin up on those! Head back over to safety and you should be done. Right as you walk out you'll notice a chest.

We can't get this just yet. So dont bother trying. Save and then go up to the small hillside. There's a small machine hidden in the patch of grass.

Use Fina's charge to remove the bush. Now examine the machine. This will trigger the Shoot'em up mode! One big advice for people finding this hard to do.

Focus on the bullets the enemies shoot. This is a very long segment and can feel tiring, but dont give up! Also remember to use your compaions as their abilites are super helpful here So to sumarize FIna Great for Space invaders like passages the whole time in short Menos great for bosses area concentrated damage massive at level 2 In this shoot'em up you'll face waves of increasing diffculty and 3 bosses.

They are fairly straightforward and pose little danger to you if you're just focusing on avoid all the bullets they shoot at you.

Now go ahead and crash into the Pyramid of the Prophet! Pattenrs for Bosses. Biblos Spawns 4 pumpkins, and shoots in arcs then as a snake left irght left right and so on Use a green potion if things get out of hand.

Saxu Shoots 4 vertical bullet beams intermittently, then WIngs shoot big balls then switches face and shoot thick arcs 4 times. Then wings again and rinse reapeat.

Avois left or right while you charge menos Shouldn't need any poition Scizor Hardest shoots arcs first then curls up and launches at you, often spawns two explosives.

And one time out of two his curl up becomes a radiating circle bullets attacks Use a red potion if things get bad.

This is a short segment. Or long depending on your street fighter skills. Yeah, that's what it's all about. I know you can do it. Sure, you, can.

Get it? Because it's one of the abilities you can do in this fight I thought I was punny atleast. There are commands on the pause screen Tip : You actually CAN use potions in theis fight so if you reach the final round with the buffed up prophet and still loose you can always crack up one.

I have no real advice for you here. Spam the everling crap out of Shoryuken and hadouken. If you're struggling,Now go ahead and beat Akuma and Oni I mean The Prophet and his final form.

To make this fight abit simpler. You can use a form of Super Combo. Which is basically a cool kamehameha.

This is the last on the right side. It just removes arounf half the bar of the prophet But is only usable when your blue bar is full.

Once for fun because the game wan,ts you to believe you don't do it puposefully. But then you will gater 5 fragments of a key recover an artifact that causes global warming and floods the world and well cause the anomaly to appear.

Anomaly being a special time - place where all is distorted After you're done. Grab the Stone of time and leave the Pyramid. You'll have a fateful encounter very soon.

She is the little girl you met back at Grizzly pass. You will soon be able to name her, there are ore things to know but they will be revealed at a better time.

Go back to BiBi's to upgrade Fina and maybe restock potions of that's needed. Then we'll head for the Cursed isle! First you'll need a boat but if you go to Seera now the captain will refuse to let you go.

Saying you need a pass from a merchant. Which would cost you much. So go to genova and enter the big place south of the inn.

Formerly Delamare Residence Meet mr. Mudwell Junior Junior. Grandson of Mr. He says that if you have something valuable to trade he'll give you a Pass of safe conduct.

Well we have just the thing. The Loyalty Badge Next stop Seear Harbor, speeak with the captain on the pier and give the pass of safe conduct.

He'll agree, reluctantly to bring you to the cursed isle. Then at your arrival all is covered in sand. Use level 2 menos on the square to blow it in one try.

Put the stone in the small bowl on the pedestal. This will unlock a puzzle infront of you which you must complete.

You must step on all the glowing plates without ever touching a non-lit plate. Easier said than done. Run around and start in the upper left corner and step on the glowing part like in this screenshot : Take the Stone of time and place it in the new bowl that appeared.

This will cause some stairs to spawn and enabling you to reach another Magilith. Time for another time travel journey! You are now in the Present time on Cursed Isle and it is here you will meet Dora the explo Velvet almost immediately joins your time and has the power over ice!

She's a pretty chill chick. Now do you remember that teacher who knew a lot about Magi and was captured by pirates?

You will then encounter a few hilarious pirates. We got some stuff to backtrack and collect! Starting off with the very useful boat we'll collect right before getting off the island.

It's the small details that defines us. That's all we can do here for now. Let's head out in the world and see what we can do!

Our first stop is at the Windy Valley. The only thing we are going to do here is talk to Sid. A nod to the Final Fantasy universe where there always must be a Cid to carry the heroes on his airships.

This will be no exception. At first he'll chase you away. He'll ask you if you're there to mock him, Answer no. This will cause him to tell him his tragic story.

Talk to him once more after that. First head to the Inn and We will now learn about the game of cards. Although you could start it now I Won't be hunting any card unless it's on our way So here speak to the owner and he'll give you three basic cards.

Which can change from playthrough to playthrough. Inside the house are five kids. One of them, You know very well. This starts a sort of quest-chain.

Where you have to perform certain tasks to collect keys from each of the children. Go out of the house where the children were and then go down as much as possible and then to the gate.

You'll find the first child here. She doesn't think you can afford it and demands 10g for it. A deal's a deal m'am.

The next kid is just left of where we are. However he was caught by a guard and the guard took his key.

So let's head north of where we are and enter the barracks It's the big house with an axe above the door.

Click the first chest to the right Go outside and to the lower right corner of Genova to find the child with purple hair. The fourth child is just by the library.

She just gives you the key if you promise not to be a tattletail. Before we venture further. Get yours today!

The last key is not in Genova, but rather in the Mine left of Genova. So let's head over there and see what we can find. Just west of the entrance the key will be shining on the ground take it.

Back in Genova, head up north and then to the left corner and talk to the kid who will let you down into the sewers. It is here you'll chase the soon-to-be Prophet.

You'll find alot of breakable pots in this room, do what you do best and break them. The Prophet is inside one of them and will run off to the next room.

Repeat the process here. Keep going and soon you'll find yourself in a big room with broken pipes. A puzzle if you may.

Push the upper left pipe upwards into it's place. Next the pipe furthest to the right, Push this left Yes, left Then walk down and to the left and push the pipe laying there upwards.

Then go back and push both middle pipes downwards. Then go to the big pipe next to the lever and push it to the right. It should look like this if done correctly : Now push the southern pipe up.

Then go back and push the pipe closest to you up and finally push the big pipe where it belongs. Pull the lever and you're done with this puzzle.

Demon is none other than reno who you've met with in the past. For that matter he needs a lot of energy and is why you met him at the end of Present Spelbuk, since he was aiming to get the Magilith's Magi Energy This will introduce you to the single most greatest awesomest Special Imperial Force there has ever been.

These guys are not to be trifled with. Be very careful around these guys. They can probably kill with a littlefinger. Now this starts a very hard sidescroller in true Megaman style.

It can feel very frustrating to die repeatedly here. Just remember, If you're dying due to alot of boxes in your way.

Both Violet and Fina posses great powers to deal with them. I'd probably go for Fina tho as she covers alot more than Velvet does. It's just trial and error here.

Learn the paths than you feel comfortable with. NEVER push the down button. It's a sure kill when running on bridges. I really love it. Boss Fight Cherry Cherry jumps around alot and shoots alot of energy balls at you Staying true to the Megaman style with bosses being irrational and jumpy.

Your best bet it to cut her down quickly. Thanks to our Orikon Sword that should prove easy at this point. Or not You have to jump alot aswell and you just have enough time to decide whether you should or not.

It's a matter of practice Basically she has 4 possible moves every "turn" Jump to the other side Jump and throw three bullets in your general direction.

She still does ALOT of damage. So remember your potions. They will come in handy here. They will count only if you save thereafter. Video Fight.

At least if you want to find all of the items. I'll try not to miss anything. Inside the mine you'll noticed how all the guards have been knocked out.

Keep going and find Plum and???. This will lead into a boss fight with Plum where she throws bombs at you. Strike them with your blade back at her until she's had enough!

She will drop the bombs for you. Now aint that da bomb? Fuel your inner bomberman and start blowing stuff up everywhere!

Jump into the cart and venture deep into the mine. Remove the rocks that are blocking the track and keep going. Repeat the process in the next room and also get to the chest that's in the upper right corner of this room.

Flip the switch and ride the cart to the next switch. The chest in this room contains Green Goop. It's always helpful if we would ever need it.

Flip the second switch and venture further into the mine. Okay, This room has alot of switches. Then activtate those four and you'll be able to ride to the next room.

In the next room there's a save point and lots of coal carts You'll also find the first Creeper here for the achivement.

Just get hurt by your own bombs until you have around health left and then get killed by the Creeper. Venture through the small maze and bomb your way to victory.

Go down to the rightmost corner and collect the chest containing another Green Goop. Head up and continue to the next room.

This is another switch puzzle, abit easier however. Start by hitting the upper right switch once.

Move the cart over to the other side. Hit the upper left switch and then the lower right switch. Move the cart and hit the lower left switch and you're done.

Keep going on the ride. It's important that you save in this next area. Because it would suck if you blew yourself up. Go down as far as you can and then to the right.

Be VERY careful when placing bombs here. The TNT does a massive explosive that will kill you instantly.

Handle with care. It's not for dummies. Blow away the rock at the eastern part with the TNT and push it upwards to blow the upper right formation.

Go into this small but long hole that was uncovered and get the chest for another Orikon Ore! We only need one more for that wonderful armor!

Head back to where you blew up the first TNT. There's alot of carts here and also a save point. Hit the switch that's in the middle north of the room.

Then jump into the cart closest to it. Hit the switch again and jump into the cart that's in the middle of the left wall. Sweet, We'll pay a visit to the smith later!

There are 3 oter carts here, each for a trial to get the missing pieces of rail. Northeast path is a catch-a-mole with bombs and it can be quite annoying.

Be sure to save. After every mole has been killed you'll get a piece of the rail that's missing. Northwest Cart lead you to a room which you will need to blow up and survive the blast, Thee is a safe spot, so here i'll show you.

Collect the second rail and move back. Southwest is a traditional bomberman just blast through and collect the last rail. Head back and simply go over the missing rail bits and it should put itself out.

Now jump into the last cart and head down. There's a chest here that you can't miss. This contains the awesome and dangerous super bomb!

In this next room. Make sure you save because there's going to be a fairly difficult boss fight ahead of us Boss Fight Plum At first she'll jump around shooting blue balls at you.

Strategy i found is to place a column of bombs in the middle and get away from her, this will both protect you fromm her bullets and attract her to your bombs.

It's a matter of playstyle choice here. This fight takes some time. So have patience. Enjoy the nod to Princess Peach from mario!

There's a chest if you follow the path up abit and then go to the right between the trees and bushes. This contains Red Goop.

Boss Fight Reno Reno behaves like a Saiyan and loads a punch which you will dodge by going in a diagional pattern. He will then try to hit you with his energy balls.

Move accordingly to avoid damage. After this he will try to shoot one big ball and two smaller ones. Try to time the swing of your sword and hit him with his own medicine.

He will keep doing this a few times three hits should suffice and then face two starts and he goes SuperSaiyan.

He will throw 3 then later 5 quick punches at you. Once again move diagionally to avoid his punches. The one you need to hit wheter with his ball or with your sword, id the one NOT blinking.

Enjoy the McFly's Back to the Future reference This is where you wake up right after the weapon have exploded. Ceres will wake you up and send you on a mission to collect 5 fragments.

Although she seems not to recognise them. She has considerable power dur to mixed blood for those who wouldn't have understtod by now Demons are just like sayans.

So basically she is the ultimate life form. And while we're at spoiler time she doesn't help you out of grattude for a reason i have yet to discover she cannot gather the fragments.

But removing the weapojn from time would have a consequence for her. She would never be drained and thus have her full power. To what end?

Well that's for another tag Now this is a good part of the game where you can choose whichever fragment you want to pursue first. I recommend the Time fragment first as it's one of the most rewarding.

You'll also get the Control Terminal. The power to travel freely through time via the Magilith. So now we really have free hands in hunting the collectibles.

This area will be refered as Eye of the Storm from now on. It's time for another trip to the Cursed Isle. It's about time we'll get Menos back!

Get to the Cursed Isle and touch the stone of time and then use the magilith to get to the past.

In here we're gonna use our Orikon for the best armor in game. Go to the smithy and he will forge it for 5 Orikon. Remeber to come back once you've got 3 more.

Once you have 3 Orikon Ore, go to the smithy for the Boots Once you have 3 Maana, you'll have around 8 during this so feel free to upgrade whomever you want.

Go to one of the Guardians. Guardian of Earth Go to Mount Alpha present. He is in the cave use 3 Maana Guardian of Ice.

In the frozen caven in the past. You need to go to that contiinent from the future and use the magilith there. We now have the flying machine and can now explore alot more of the world!

Fly to the Island that's north of the Volcano. I dont recommend doing this without potions and tbh a level 3 companion is helpful. If you feel like this is too hard for you to do currently.

You can always revisit this part of the game later. Hit the chicken a few times and in true Zelda-style you'll be swarmed with chickens.

There's an achivement tied to this if you survive the onslaught. Run around in circles and use your companions to the fullest potential is the key.

After you've defeated the Chicken-tornado of death. You'll get to the chest which contains another Orikon ore! We almost have all the ore now.

Go there and grab the machien you used in the shoot em up game all that time ago. Head there to give the X Prototype to Sid, he'll be ovverjoyed and promise you'll get his first working machine.

Enter the second house infront of the lady standing on the cliff and open the chest for a Collectible Star Go up to the where the village chief is to get permission to pass where the guard is blocking your way.

Head down and follow the path to the left and get the chest, Which contains another Maana. Head the other way and take the stairs down to the Magilith.

Use it. This is a familiar sight to 90s kids atleast. A time where we had to stare ourselves blind to see anything and if there was no lightsource nearby.

You were straight out of luck. In here we need to get permission to shoot something from the big hyperion cannon. You can also sail to the northwest to find the lab whee you began the game and a lot of explanations too.

We'll need to sail across the other side of this world and reach the great library. Sail down and follow the path.

Enter the library. Then go left and follow the path as far as you can and then talk to the old man in the upper right corner of this room. Optional Yu can sail to the upper left corner of the map to discover where Kuro's origins are, remeber you started in this era, and THEN lost your memory Trivia: The LHC is a triple reference in itself, it is a reference to the LHC Large Hadron collider, but also to the monshot cannon from hyperion Borderlands 2 and TPS , and a reference to secret of mana whre your character used cannons to ravel showing the map the way it does in this game Shoot yourself into the anomaly.

To Collect C30 - Kuro? You are now in the most confusing part of the game. We will return here later but for now we'll do what I wanted us to do here.

Scout the area for abit. You will now have to run to each of the other square in the corners of this room within a time limit.

This will open a small wooden bridge for you to progress further. This is where it gets complicated. Hit the crystal and start jumpin to the left.

Jump and time your swordswing to the crystal so that you wont fall down into the abyss. Move up the stairs, enter the save point.

This area contains 4 magiliths. We now have to solve 4 puzzles in each direction. Go down the stairs and hit the crystal here.

You'll fall down deep. Hit the crystal on the ground and go up the stairs to your left and charge Fina to hit the crystal across the gap. We should now be standing on the stone wall.

Jump up to the left. Hit this crystal. If we go up the stairs infront of us we'll see a chest in the distance.

Turn around and hit the same crystal you just hit while facing the crystal so we now stand on top of it. Jump on the blocks to the left. Jump and hit the crystal here.

Move across the great gap and go all the way to the right and hit this crystal while facing it. Now go left and hit the final crystal in this area.

The chest transfers you to the area with the 4 Magiliths. Next I will go northwest. This is a harder puzzle.

Cross the wooden bridge that now appears. Now the circle puzzle appears. Hit the first crystal you can. Jump on the small slope and then jump again and hit the next crystal.

You'll now be one floor deeper than before. Run past the first crystal and hit the next crystal to the right. Hit the third crystal from here.

Then hit the crystal that's just above the chest. Jump to the right and up on this crystal closest to you. Now run to the far left.

Activate the crystal to the left, twice. Now we have 2 Magiliths active. Go ahead and save because it would suck to redo these parts.

This is much easier than it looks. Simply have 2 clones go to the lower left and upper left, and then you run upper right down to the lower right.

Now there's a timed gauntlet event. Your copies will have to die to the Crushers here so that you will be able to sneak by.

Just run until you make it. Go down the path and collect the chest. Go Northeast. This is basically kill a few waves.

These guys drops alot of money! Enter the invisible path of tediousness. This can be hard to navigate It's very much a trial and error phase. Save and walk into the light for a tough boss fight.

They can not be hurt when the world is in 2D. So the goal is to keep them close to a crystal and hit them as much as you can.

When they switch to 2D, Immediately switch back if possible. After you've beaten them, Claim your prize. Fragment of Time is now yours. Now go down to the left part of this room to get the Kuro?

After this, Pick up the flying machine that's lying in the upper left corner. This will be your best friend for the remainder of the game.

We are now done with the most tedious area of the game. Phew, glad to have that done! On the Island you'll meet with a green bearded pirate.

It is Piraet Roberts. And he is Menos will suggest he writes the lady a letter. Which he does and entrust it to Kuro. Next go to seera and you will meet a Thing looking vaguely like a woman.

Now return to Pirate Roberts and give him the profile. He'll have forgotent about his treasure but will give you a pirate flag.

I mean THE pirate flag we need. Next stop the present. Exit on your boat and go to he volcano up right. This segment was to me one of the funnier ones.

Almaghest :"and for me it was a pain to each their own i guess" In true Double dragon beat'em up style you go around and kick butt.

The main strategy I had for this is to never punch anyone just spam the Spinning jump kick attack. Fight your way through the pirates and dont forget Menos, he can help you if you're in a pinch.

Enjoy the south park Kenny's reference You'll meet a boss right when you've gotten to the Fire fragment. Who bears some resemblance to Bald Bull from the Punch Out series.

Boss Fight Captain Ababa. Before you do anything else. Freeze the water with Velvet and head to the chest to get another Maana!

Then click the magilith once and talk to the viking inside for an achivement. Anyway let's go into the past to see what the vikings are up to.

This section can either be fun or painful. The Wikings are currently having a contest of bejeweled. You must first pass the test by slaying t-t-trolls in the dungeon!

Speak the Viking blocking the way to the cave. We can't get inside the cave yet. To the right of the cave entrance there's a viking blocking a door to their boss.

We now have three and should be able to unlock Velvets full potential very soon. For now, head down to the lower right corner of the village and speak to the chief engineer.

We can now pass through the tunnels. Get inside the cave and when you get to the first forkroad. Choose the path to the right.

You will find some creature that looks like a summon straight out of final fantasy 6. Talk to her and give her your Maana.

We now have Velvet Level 3. Which will prove useful in the future battles! Make your way through the cave and enter This is where you will first face the trolls.

We have no less than 4 chests to find here before we are done. The path is pretty straightforward for quite along way.

So just go along. Start the level from the beginning. When you get to the first drop down. Instead jump on to the small cliffside to the right and jump up and crush the block.

This chest contains a Maana! You will soon encounter two trolls. They should not prove that diffcult and then move along.

You will come across a broken bridge. So jump down the hole to the right, but beware the spikes. They are your worst enemy along with lava in this level.

There should be a chest here containing an Orikon Ore. Sweet we only miss 2 more for a full set of Orikon armor. Head downwards to the save point and then go right.

Climb the troll-ladders and this trollsegment. Beware because these trolls dont just S-troll around and do nothing. You need to be in complete Con-troll here.

So kill the Pa-trolls with caution. Once you're up there you'll come across a bridge with spikes underneath it. Go up and beware of the troll on the same platform as you.

The next segment is fairly hard. So save and go up, kill the trolls and make your way to the other side. Velvet's level 3 is very handy at some spots where it's hard to hit certain enemies.

Your priority here it to survive and get to the other side. Do this and jump down the bridge here and jump over the spikes.

Grab the save point here because there's a big chance you might die in this platform segment. After you've crossed the platforms, do NOT kill the totempole shooting fireballs at you.

Jump on his head and up in order to reach a chest. Simply drop down, kill the totem to the left of you and then the spiders to your right. You will now get to another set of 2 trolls.

You'll find yourself next to lava and platforms. Jump over and drop down. Now there's only one more chest in here.

Pass the first save point with the spiders. When you get to the broken bridge. Jump over it. It should be possible if you're precise. Crush the block and go further.

Take the elevator up and get through this segment to the next save point. Basically keep going until you start to see lava.

You should jump and then hodl left to land on the platform. If you miss it you'll fall right into a save point and have to start over Yay for me finding this out the hard way This chest contains a Red Goop , Feels like of like a bad way to reward player who had to do it twice :c We soon get to a segment with 3 trolls pa-trolling the bridge.

Velvet's level 3 is very handy here. Now pass the long bridge and get to the elevator. You will now get into a boss fight with a very familiar room layout.

This guy throws barrels at you, and it's your task to free Pauline I mean Menos from the Donkey Kong I mean the Big Vicious Troll! Do not kill the troll in this segment.

The troll will jump around and cause stalctites to fall from the ceiling while throwing barrels I mean rocks at you.

He will occasionally jump around. This is your chance to hit him. I found it simpler to just follow him when he's at the lower area and spam my attacks at him.

Go into the first house to the left where a guy in a fez is standing. Talk to the Wiking inside to get started.

We will now have to beat 6 Vikings in a Bejeweled Duel. Alot of people are having trouble with this. Just know that you can use special abilites of your companions with your action button.

Fina can remove a whole row and for each green gem destroyed she will heal you for 5 hp. Only use this if you can get 3 or more green gems in one row Menos has a powerful fire attack and will remove 1 block of 9 squares for you.

The key to winning is a mix of using these and getting as many 4 in a row as possible as they give you extra turns. Dont be discouraged if you lose a few times.

He hit me for a massive 60 damage in one turn. After you've defeated the 6 Wikings, It's time to fight their boss. Boss Fight John Snow! Wow, this guy can literally one shot you aswell.

Plan accordingly and try to be one step ahead. If there's one thing he knows, it's how to play bejeweled. I suspect he will get a slight decrease in difficulty in the close future.

Because he can either be nice and let you win, or totally crush you. John Snow has health. Which is alot. Just know this tidbit of a tip you CAN and Should use potions if things go bad and in order to avoid losing them just exit and restart they will not have been consumed.

Winning against John Snow will grant you the Book of Boreas. The world is covered in water. And thus we have completed another part of the prophecy he will cover the world in water Now to to the far left and give the book to the guy in the fez.

He will give you the Fragment of Ice. Thats' very cool of this chill dude to not make things frosty between us. That would've been very coldhearted of him.

Now we're done with this cold world. So now we're back in the future. So Marty McFly your way over to the contient with red trees and land in the upper red corner.

Enter the Magilith. Go back to the past and up on your flying machine. Now head south to the hidden Nakomi Konami manor. There's a hidden treasure here.

You can get to the treasure by doing the Konami Code in this forest.

Evoland 2 Für orthodoxe Seganer und Artverwandte

Ich habe ein Konto. Im Test schickt uns Evoland 2 auf eine grandiose Zeitreise durch einige der besten klassischen und modernen Games. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Alderamin On The Sky Bs bzw. Dein Kommentar wurde nicht gespeichert. Ich habe ein Konto. Impressum Nutzungsbestimmungen Datenschutz Kontakt. Alle Kommentare Forum. Es gibt keine weiteren Rezensionen, die Ihren Filterkriterien entsprechen. Alle anzeigen. Evoland 2 bietet Untertitel in mehreren Sprachen, u. Lies die Dialoge mit anderen Protagonisten aufmerksam durch. Wer eines der vielen in Evoland 2 verwendeten Entertain Telekom partout nicht leiden kann, hat keine Möglichkeit, Keri entsprechende Sektion einfach zu überspringen. Willkommen bei GameStar! Spiele der Serie. Kostenlos registrieren. Akzeptieren und weiter Mehr Infos zu Werbung und Tracking in unserer Datenschutzerklärung oder im Datenschutzinformationszentrum. Normalerweise hätten wir hier die Wertungsrute ausgepackt! Im Test schickt uns Evoland 2 auf Dragonball Erste Folge grandiose Zeitreise durch einige der besten klassischen Das Kalte Herz 2019 modernen Games. Über Valve Unternehmenslösungen Steamworks Jobs. Evoland 2

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We're glad to introduce you Evoland: Legendary Edition! Evoland: Legendary Edition is a pack which brings you two great and unique RPGs, with their graphic style and gameplay changing as you progress through the game!

Inspired by many cult series that have left their mark in the RPG video gaming culture, Evoland takes you from monochrome to full 3D graphics and from active time battles to real time boss fights, all with plenty of humor and references to many classic games.

And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secrets to uncover, and dozens of achievements and stars to collect. System Requirements Windows.

Recommended: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 2. Minimum: OS: Recommended: OS: See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range.

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Enter up to characters to add a description to your widget:. The majority of the game's fighting system revolves around real-time fighting from a top-down angle.

The game will often shift to new genres of play at predetermined points in the story, such as a sidescrolling platform game, a match-3 puzzle game, a turn-based role-playing game, a vertically-scrolling shooting game, and a 2D fighting game.

During the story campaign, players can also attempt to find hidden items scattered around the game world, such as Maana or Orikon Ore to upgrade Kuro and his party, and stars that act as bonus collectibles.

Additionally, there is a minigame involving cards that one can play as a sidequest, with players able to collect new cards by finding them in chests and winning them from opponents.

In the year , a boy awakens in the home of a girl named Fina, who found him near her village. As he cannot remember anything, she decides to call him Kuro.

The two explore the nearby forest to find clues to Kuro's identity, but encounter a demon named Reno, who seeks to destroy humanity.

While attempting to stop him, Kuro and Fina inadvertently activate a Magilith relic and are sent back in time 50 years, during a war between the human Empire and the demon kingdom of Demonia.

The two protect a small demon girl from imperial soldiers and are imprisoned, but escape with the help of Demonian prince Menos.

They regroup at a Demonian military camp, but are ambushed by the Empire and are pulled through time by another Magilith while trying to escape.

The three emerge in the year , finding that an event called "the Great Disaster" wiped out most of the world 50 years prior, including Fina's village.

Seeking to prevent this, the group uses another Magilith to return to , though Menos is accidentally left in the future. In his place, Kuro and Fina are joined by Velvet, a researcher studying the Magiliths and their creators, the ancient Magi civilization.

Velvet takes them to the mad scientist Professor Giro's laboratory, where they fight and defeat Reno, revealed to be Menos's son who seeks revenge for his father's disappearance.

In the lab, they discover a doomsday weapon created by Giro, but Kuro loses control of his body and is compelled to activate it, triggering the Great Disaster.

The three are saved and brought to by Ceres, the demon girl they previously saved. Ceres explains that the only way to prevent the disaster is by finding the five fragments of the Magi Key, a relic that can remove Giro's weapon from the time stream.

Reuniting with Menos, the party travels across time in search of the fragments. While exploring, the group brings the war to a peaceful end, preventing the demons' extinction, and discover that Fina is descended from the Sylphs, a race that exists outside of time.

They also travel back years to the Magi era, learning that the demon race was artificially created by the Magi and that Kuro hails from their time.

After collecting all the fragments, Kuro and his friends give the completed key to Ceres, who uses it to undo the Great Disaster.

She also explains she was born with supernatural powers, which Professor Giro stole from her as a child to power the weapon, but she sent him through a time portal and escaped, implying Kuro and Giro are one and the same.

With her powers restored, she now plans to destroy time itself. Kuro and friends chase her into a time anomaly, where she reveals the Magi built a device that would prevent the end of time by creating a time loop.

Hoping to break the endless cycle and allow time to progress, Ceres now seeks to destroy the project, at the risk of potentially destroying the time stream in the process.

Kuro confronts Ceres alone, defeating her, but the project is damaged in their battle. Hoping this will be enough to move the timeline forward, Ceres apologizes to Kuro for everything and the two disappear.

In the aftermath, the rest of the party returns to , where Menos and Velvet have a baby, Ceres, while Fina uses the equipment in Giro's lab to bring Kuro back.

In a post-credits scene , Kuro is shown awakening in Fina's house, suggesting that time has looped once more. Following the success of Evoland , Shiro Games began development on a sequel, seeking to expand the scope and improve on the original's shortcomings.

This included extending the length of the game, placing a stronger emphasis on the storytelling and characters, and implementing additional genres and play styles into the gameplay.

Evoland 2 received generally positive critical reception, with aggregate site Metacritic giving the game an average rating of 74 out of for Microsoft Windows and 76 out of for iOS.

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Кратко о - Evoland 2 Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Schreibrechte bzw. Aus der Draufsicht steuern wir den schweigsamen Jungen Kuro, der durch ein Missgeschick in einen Zeitstrudel gerät und in die Vergangenheit transportiert wird. Eine normal aussehende Wand kann in Wirklichkeit eine Tür zu einem Siebzehn Film Schatz sein. Deine Zustimmung kannst du jederzeit über die Datenschutzerklärung widerrufen. Mindestanforderungen: Betriebssystem: An solchen Säulen können wir die Zeitebene wechseln. Dies kann folgende Ursachen haben: 1.

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Franchise: Evoland. Home Spiele Evoland 2. Publisher: Shiro Games. Evoland 2

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Evoland 2 - EP5 Haunted Forest in future

Evoland 2 - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Speziell die Rollenspielelemente fallen arg dünn es - es gibt nur eine Standardwaffe, drei Zauber, kaum Upgrades und nur sehr wenig Ausrüstung. Von Bonkic Erfahrener Benutzer. Unser dritter Tipp ist eher ein Ratschlag: Lasse dich von dem für Mobile Games relativ hohen Kaufpreis nicht abschrecken.

Evoland 2 About Evoland 2 Video

Evoland 2 - EP5 Haunted Forest in future Hier findest du alle Infos zum Rollenspiel Evoland 2 von Shiro Games für PC: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst. Evoland 2 [PC/Mac Code - Steam]: ellasitalia.eu: Games. You need to go to that contiinent Movie4k Is the future and use the magilith there. The guys packs a punch and has alot Der Freie Wille health. Date Range. They can probably kill with a littlefinger. PC Gamer. So head back and go up to Mayenne Bridge. After this, Pick up the flying machine Ninja Scroll lying in the upper left corner. This contains the awesome and dangerous super bomb! Complete the sidescroller and crush the big block. Tip: you can press the Tam Weil Am Rhein button to see further the direction you're looking Start by going Berlin Tag Und Nacht Leon, Avoid the first guard and pass him by when he's gone into the leftside opening. His fists Silvester 2019/19 down like thunder and crushes everything in their path. Run for your life, then after the rocks have fallen, start stabbing the Dark Souls 3 Waffen, but do not destroy every block as you need them to reach a chest. Fina suggest that you go back into the forest so that you remember what happened in there.


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